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The term concierge is French for “keeper of the candles.” Originally used to denote someone who managed candle lighting throughout medieval castles, concierge now describes a manager of all services related to client convenience. Art Concierge New York is a program that satisfies its members’ intellectual curiosity and thirst for contemporary visual art and culture by offering services that make art appreciation convenient. Sorting through New York City and Korea's barrage of cultural events, such as exhibitions, performances, and lectures, can be tricky for any art enthusiast. ACNY provides the solution by handpicking the events best suited to members’ unique interests.



Catering to both individuals and corporations, ACNY connects members with art institutions and art professionals. Our members not only experience the best of New York City’s visual art scene, but also relate to each other within the greater context of art. We facilitate exhibition-viewings, trips to and organization of private events, and meetings with professionals such as artists and curators. We also consult members on artwork sales and purchases.




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